Nurture Coworking Day

July 14, 2020

Nurture Wellness Marketplace

Working from home is fun and all, but working from a wellness center with a cafe and some human interaction is...better.

Join us at Nurture Wellness Marketplace for a day of coworking, amazing food, and a breath of fresh air. No cost to you, just show up at Nest Cafe + Bar on the first floor and take a seat at one of their unreal couches or working tables. Did we mention no masks are required? While you're there, sign up for a spin class, infrared sauna or the Himalayan salt cave.

Where: Nurture Wellness Marketplace - 2949 Federal Blvd


When: Tuesday, July 14

Interested? Text Brendan @ 440-668-7725 or just show up!

We will be observing all governmental regulations and recommendations regarding social distancing and sanitizing.


Westbound may not be ready to open its doors, but we are ready to build our community.  Whether you’ve been following along since day one, are just learning about us and interested in more, or genuinely only want to join for this activity, we are welcoming any and all of your to join our events!

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