POSTPONED: Wine Tasting and Trivia

April 15, 2020

Denver, CO

**This event is postponed in respect of social distancing. **

If you'd like to be notified for when we reschedule, please register at the link below.

Drinking and thinking is not your typical wine pairing, but like red and meat, or white and fish, is there really anyway to mess up wine?

No, we don't think so either. So, bring a bottle (or 3) and join us at a privately rented space on Colfax for a night of wine knowledge. We will be doing a wine tasting lesson along with wine trivia, so register for yourself or a full team and come ready for some friendly competition. The winning team will likely win a headache on Friday morning.

As one of Westbound’s pillars, relaxation is essential to staying balanced throughout the hustle of our daily lives; whether that be sitting back by a fire and reading, enjoying drinks with friends, or taking it to the sauna for some sweat time. This event thoughtfully combines our pillars of connection and personal growth through education, with a focus on restoration.

Each attendee will be provided with three wine glasses of their own and a wine tasting mat. Only 25 spots available, so sign up and we'll save your space!

Westbound may not be ready to open its doors, but we are ready to build our community.  Whether you’ve been following along since day one, are just learning about us and interested in more, or genuinely only want to join for this activity, we are welcoming any and all of your to join our events!

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