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Joining Westbound is a commitment to yourself, to fellow members, and to the greater Denver community. We are more than a membership, we are a new way to experience life.

We are more than a membership. We are a new way to experience life.

Becoming a member at Westbound is a commitment to yourself, to fellow members, and to the Chaffee Park community.

We can't wait to

get to know you

How does the application process work?

Join us at Westbound for a day to experience our place and community. Get to know who we are and how we make wellness easy.
Apply for membership. We encourage everyone that believes in our vision and aligns with our values to apply.
Become the best version of yourself. Intentionally balance everything that life has to offer and be part of something greater.

We can’t wait to get to know you.

We welcome all diversity. We are all aligned/united by our belief in ________. In order to build and maintain the Westbound culture, values, and commitment to community, all prospective members are invited to go through our application process.

Choose a membership that works for you.

All memberships are on an annual basis, but you can opt to pay in monthly installments.

All members will pay a one-time initiation fee of $365 upon acceptance.

All members have voting rights and can be a Westbound Advocate for up to three members.

Full Send

Perfect if you want it ALL and want to share with friends
per month
  • 24/7 access
  • Unlimited guest passes
  • Unlimited room reservations
  • Unlimited classes
  • All leagues included
  • $300 private event credit
  • 30% of private event rates


Ideal if you are active, want to invest in learning, and want full access
per month
  • 8am - 10pm access
  • 10 guest passes
  • 4 room reservations per month
  • All leagues included
  • $200 private event credit


Great if you just want a place to relax and hang out
per month
  • 8am - 10pm access
  • $35 per guest pass
  • Leagues $35
Learn More

Applications are currently open for 40 Founding Memberships.

Membership prices, initiation fees, and benefits differ from those listed above and are only available to the first 40 members. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a Founder.

Get in touch

Applications for general membership open this summer.

We plan to open our doors in late 2020 to a limited number of general memberships. Join the waitlist so we can keep you in the know when applications are live.

Application link coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring guests?

Absolutely, and every first guest visit is free. Additional guest visits cost $35 or members can use the guest passes included in the Bold and Full Send Memberships. Each member can bring up to four guests at one time and members must be on-site to accompany said guest(s).

Founding Member guests are an exception and can visit without an on-site member. Each guest can visit Westbound four times per year, and their guest rate will be doubled on additional visits.

Is there a rate for significant others?

Yes, $365 initiation, $100/mo. No additional referrals, guest passes, or events are included for the Significant Other Membership.

Do I pay monthly or annually?

Your call. Paying up front annually gives you a $150 discount and two additional guest passes.

Are there any lower cost options?

We will have worktrade options if you want to work the front desk, host programming, teach a class, or  contribute a service/expertise that reduces Westbound’s expenses like accounting, cleaning, etc. We have chosen to be a BYOB establishment to enable members to spend less time and money at restaurants.  We firmly believe our members have the potential to save money, eat healthier, and better connect with friends when they craft their own experiences as a Westbound member.

Can my kids come to Westbound?

In Phase I we will have specific days and zones that welcome children. We are actively working to provide on-site or adjacent daycare options so both kids and parents can enjoy time and grow at Westbound. Until then, we are focusing on making Westbound a place for adults to truly connect, relax, play, and grow.

Do rates change?

Members can expect rates to change on an annual basis. Founding members have lifetime rates that will never change for all Westbound locations.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

We understand. Call us and we will see how we can help pause or cancel your annual membership. Members that cancel their membership and want to re-join will be asked to pay initiation and increased monthly dues.

Can I bring my dog with me to Westbound?

Westbound is not suitable for your furry pal, but there is an incredible park just across the street!

Do you serve food or drinks?

We believe in the art of crafting your own experience. Therefore, we are equipping our community with outlets for eating healthier and saving money: bringing your own meals, ordering takeout and delivery groceries, grabbing from a local food truck, and BYOB.

We do not sell food or drinks.