Our Community
is growing

This is the story of

A new kind of neighborhood

Westbound is a community and place designed around one idea: experiencing a life well-lived.

Designed for and by our members,

the Westbound community is founded on principles of ownership, intention, openness, wellness and inclusion.

Patrick M.

As I continue to find balance in my work, relationships and health (mental & physical), it is important to have a space to evolve my ecosystem of growth. Westbound will give me the opportunity to fuel my professional & personal development with clients and friends; connecting with good people around a fireplace, growing my network while doing the same for others…the best part, I will get to recharge in the meditation gardens.

Ali D.

As a professional with a demanding work schedule, I’m always trying to find ways to maximize my time so I can enjoy the things that feed my soul – like being with friends, working out, and spending time outdoors. Westbound is a location, and community, where work and play braid together in a way that makes sense for my lifestyle: one place to relax in the lounge, take a yoga class, co-work, or organize a ski trip.

Emma P.

I'm someone who lives for the grind - socially and professionally - but it's equally as important for me to find ways to relax and decompress. Westbound will be a place where I can truly detach from work and recharge, as everything in the space is designed to help you disconnect. I can't wait to lay outside, play music, read, or simply just be in a shared community of people who are present and looking for the same opportunities.

Our Core Values

We’re building a community in the word’s truest sense.

A community that is rooted in experiences,

and unbound by convention.

A community that is committed to engagement,

and that inspires continuous growth.

We can’t wait to get to know you.

We welcome all diversity. We are all aligned/united by our belief in ________. In order to build and maintain the Westbound culture, values, and commitment to community, all prospective members are invited to go through our application process.

Westbound Place + Co

Members are...


Originals. Leaders. They could be trail running on Wednesday, learning to garden on Sunday, hosting friends for dinner on Saturday, or subbing in a rec league on Thursday. And while they’re blazing new trails on hillsides, or carving out accomplishments at work, they also know how to wind down in the same manner they power forward.


Contemplative, self reflective, thoughtful.  Amidst all the hustle, they know the value of alone and one-on-one time.  They embrace and encourage self-care and mindfulness.


They believe in work hard play hard lifestyle.  They approach their everyday with intention and adventure, whether that’s something done alone, or together, something totally new or a routine they love doing regularly.  They show up.

The Chaffee Park neighborhood

is home to an incredibly vibrant, historical, beautiful, and diverse community.

Westbound Place + Co is not just a home to our members, but a place for all people to find balance. With giving back to the greater community being one of our three tenants, we look forward to providing resources and opportunities for everyone, member or not, to collectively thrive. Some of these initiatives are:

+ A 150 ft long community garden that is open to anyone and everyone. Your space to plant, grow, and harvest a wide variety of flowers, fruit and veggies.

+ A robust volunteer program. Trash clean-ups and park restoration are just a few of the initiatives that we have already brought into the neighborhood.  Westbound will continue to build a strong repertoire of future partnerships with local causes and organizations, with the help of our neighbors.

+ Community gatherings in the park open to everyone. From sledding days to small exercise groups, to barbeques and park days. Our community has already established a relationship with Denver Parks and Rec, and plan to continue generating ideas with Chaffee Park RNO.

+ Community days at Westbound in which we obtain a permit to open our space to the public.

+ Work-trade options for members that cannot afford a full membership to work the front desk, help with cleaning or teach classes to discount their dues.

Part of the neighborhood?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how Westbound can bring positive advancement to the greater Denver area and the specific needs of the people who have lived in Chaffee Park for years. Please share with us through the Get in Touch page!

Rooted in experiences

Unbound by convention