Westbound Build and Community Updates

Welcome to our update page! We will use this space to let you know how we progress towards the inevitable opening of our incredible space to connect, relax, play, and grow.


  • Asbestos demolition has begun!
  • We've received our first round of comments back from the county.
  • Conditional Use permit has been submitted!

March 2020

  • We have launched our website - semi-complete with detailed information on Westbound, blog posts, and three upcoming events
  • Completion of A-frame site plan is coming to a close, just rounding out the final tweaks. It’s amazing.
  • Submit our plans to Adams County for building permit
  • Adams County closed until 3/23 due to social distancing for COVID-19...ouch!
  • Postponing our Wine Tasting + Trivia event OG planned for 3/19
  • Start our #gardening channel on slack to keep spirits and productivity high as people WFH
  • With COVID-19, we've kicked into virtual high gear, trying to promote positivity, motivation, and community through our social media postings and virtual trivia nights

February 2020

  • Brendan joins Westbound FULL TIME as co-founder, and fearless leader of Marketing and Programming
  • PNW website team delivers on a well-thought and captivating website
  • Westbound emptied of all furniture and 22 350lb pews with the help of our incredible team of volunteers. These guys and gals deserve Girl Scout Cookies, and the beers - thank you Eric W, Conrad M, Randon K, Nick R, Brady B, Kay B, Piper P, and Lindsey M!
  • Demolition begins by removing all flooring, interior walls, and ceilings
  • Field trip to tile and flooring stores to start ideating on finishes for reading loft, main A-frame, kitchen, Local 26, meeting rooms, and locker rooms

January 2020

  • Brady Burke of Havenly joins our team as interior designer and helps to formulate a cohesive and beautiful “Scandinavian Contemporary” interior plan
  • Backend accounting identified and set up underway to ensure that we don’t spend all of our money on trees and landscaping

And now, a brief history:

  • January 2018 - Kiki begins to imagine a place for people to better spend their time together
  • May 2018 - the first of many surveys are distributed to friends for feedback on the concept.  General insight: “this needs more thought”...got it
  • July 2018 - Brendan joins the team and works his nights and free hours
  • October 2018 - Kiki and Brendan conduct market research on social clubs in Seattle. They are cool.
  • October 2018 - Westbound Place + Co name is born in the dark corner of a bar
  • November 2018 - first in-person workshops are conducted to continue to hone in on the concept
  • March 2019 - Big Fish Collective comes on board the team and delivers on an incredible brand book
  • June 2019 - our property is found and talks to purchase begin
  • July 2019 - business plan, operating plan, financial model, and marketing strategy complete
  • August 2019 - our architect, F9 productions, joins the team
  • November 2019 - Tinker Homes GC joins the team
  • December 2019 - we close on property and 2201 W 52nd Ave officially becomes the first site for Westbound Place + Co. We throw a banging party to kick everything off and thank everyone who has helped shape the concept and bring it to life

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June 4, 2020
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Westbound Build and Community Updates

December 15, 2019
Welcome to our update page! We will use this space to let you know how we progress towards the inevitable opening of our incredible space to connect, relax, play, and grow.