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Applications are currently open to Founding Members only.

Our Founding Members are experiential trailblazers - leaders and everyday pioneers. While they’re blazing new trails on hillsides, or carving out accomplishments at work, they also know how to wind down in the same manner they power forward – by being in the moment. After all, life’s all about balance, and they live that every day too.

We will cap our Founding Membership at 40 people, who will help build and craft Westbound alongside our growing team.  Lifetime membership rates, alternative initiation fees, and enhanced benefits are just a few of the differences that make our Founding Members the DNA of Westbound. Submit your information below and we will provide additional details, pricing and how to get started!

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General membership applications will open summer 2020.

Sound more up your alley? We are offering a limited number of memberships in our first year to build an intimate community. Join the waitlist and we will let you know as soon as we are accepting applications for our late 2020 opening.

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Head to our membership page to learn how a Westbound membership works.
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